Agri-tech Education and Extension Research

We are a team of researchers and practitioners from CQUniversity Australia who develop innovative programs to increase the skills and knowledge of the current and next generation agricultural workforce in agri-tech tools and systems.

Our team works with educational institutions, agricultural businesses and industry organisations to develop and implement a range of learning opportunities for educators, students and those working in the agricultural industry to build their capacity to use data and technology to support decision making across the supply chain.

All of our projects aim to showcase the scientific and digital skills required in the agricultural industry to upskill the current agricultural workforce and attract the next generation to work in the food and fibre production sector.

By exposing young people to agri-tech tools and systems from an early age the benefits are two-fold:

  • It will increase the adoption of technology across the agriculture supply chain when these young people enter the workforce as they will be confident and skilled in the use of agri-tech.
  • Students will act as ‘agents of change’ and influence, encourage and support adults to adopt agri-tech tools and systems on-farm.